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    you do not need a reason
    to help people
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    do what you can
    where you are
    with what you have


Providing health care

Duo to the conflicts in Syria many People got injured and lost their ability to move

We help those who got injured during the conflict and restore their ability if possible

in addtion to providing medical care to the people who need it and can not afford it.

Providing Assistant

During the recent war many people lost their homes and became broke.

we offer them necessary requirements of life.

Providing Education

after the conflict got bigger and more violent more people had to leave their shcools

We have Education programs to help them to get back to shcools.

About us

Non-governmental , non-profit, and independent organization.

An Organization that works to provide support and subsidies, providing a minimum of the necessary requirements of life for poor and stricken families and IDP and due to the war, we are planning to support the affected people, offering to them health assistance, providing food aid to poor and hungry families,

Our values : Plenty - initiative - tender - philanthropy

The Organization Established in 2011 Syria - Aleppo - and has a two Offices, in (Huraytan and Darat-Aza), and registered in turkey (Kilis) in 2015


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